You can't stop a cat from chasing mice, you can't stop the young'uns drinking coffee...

Another bit of culture for you, this time hilariously set in a café - one assumes in the Netherlands.

(The flute player isn't amused, but he plays beautifully..)

This in honour of my £5 moka pot from Asda, perhaps the best £5 I remember spending in a long time. It's only fault is that it's a six-cup model so it makes one mug. I am actively looking for an 18 cup model so we can make three mugs at a time.

Oh yes, it's Bach's Coffee Cantata, written to make fun of the problems fathers were having keeping their kids out of them new-fangled coffee shops. And what do you know, there's a rumour that "Starbucks" is coming to Bordeaux soon. :(


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