OK, the car is sold again...

I heard footsteps this morning while crunching my porage and quaffing my tea...

Then the phone rang. "I am outside the house and I'd like to conclude the sale".

So I showered and dressed and sold the car.

Then sent a text message to the guy who was coming at 9:30.

He phoned me, angry to have started his journey for nothing.

"C'est malhonnête!"

I said, "Listen, I'm sorry, but I can't reserve the car for each person who says they'll come."

"You have given your address to more than one person ?"

"Of course ! and it's not dishonest if you arrive at a shop to buy something and find it's sold already ! and I'm sorry, but I sent you a message as soon as the deal was concluded !"

It's VERY GOOD FOR YOUR FRENCH to have to argue your case like this !


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