Chutney making

I doubled the quantity, but it takes a shocking amount of grating to fill two tablespoons with orange and with lemon zest! And why add 1/4 teaspoon of chopped garlic? Doesn't the author of the recipe like garlic? Anyway, here's the recipe I followed - same as most years : 3 large tart apples. diced 1/4 inch 8 cups. 
( I used Granny Smith) 1 cup cider vinegar 
 3/4 cup finely sliced dates. 
3/4 cup brown sugar. 
 1/2 cup dried apricots finely sliced. 
 1/4 cup orange juice. 
 1/4 cup raisins 
 1 table spoon each of: 
orange zest, 
 lemon zest, 
 grated ginger, 
dried onion flakes and 
 mustard seed. 
 2 1/2 tea spoons salt 
 1/4 tea spoon chopped garlic. In non reactive sauce pan bring to simmer all ingredients over low heat. Cook for 20 to 30 minutes until thickened. Stir as needed to prevent burning.  We shall have chutney with our cheese this Christmas !

What we brought back from Strasbourg

 Covid. Mrs D. I was jabbed couple weeks ago.

Escapade to the east

We had s credit note with a budget airline company that flies to small and mid-size cities in Europe. I wondered how we could use it, where we could go and when. The answer was a brief escapade to Strasbourg. Our flight was at 8:40 on Sunday morning. It takes an hour to get to the airport by tram. The 30" shuttle doesn't start running till 7:30, so we got up at 5am and scuttled out. We arrived at the airport at about 6:30. The airport was pretty well deserted. We got through security in seconds. Thankfully the cafe was open, so we bought some drinks and sat in fine but grubby armchairs looking out on the silent runway. Boarding was simple. The flight was almost full. The flight was comfortable and we landed just after 10. Near the central railway station in Strasbourg is a café run by a church. The café looks quite anonymous and there were no signs that a church was meeting. We arrived perhaps 20 minutes late for the service but we had been told not to worry, so we went in and

The amazing electricity company

 Sometimes tradesmen come into the café. We seldom entrust ourselves to them. For example one charming man from a nation wide fire extinguisher company came, introduced himself and asked if we minded if he inspected our fire extinguishers so he could sell us better ones. We told him that we did mind and advised him to sling his hook. There have been several of these unsolicited encounters, and I have a principle of never signing up for something without at least a minimum of research. Thus it was that when two charming people came in to tell us of a wonderful system whereby we could render patriotic service to France, save ourselves some money and automate our heating system (two electric radiators), our response was somewhat noncommittal. In short, we did not commit ourselves. We did, however, report to the committee of the café what the charming people had said. "Run away", was the initial response. I often feel that our initial, visceral response can be ill-founded and ill

Another anniversary

Happy Birthday Mrs Davey ! Heading out for a slap-up pizza at the café.

The fifth anniversary of the gilets jaunes

Can it be Five Years Already? Has time passed So Quickly? So today was the fifth anniversary of the start of the Gilets Jaunes protests, which started off as an online petition against rising fuel costs, but became a more diffuse, and more violent protest against poverty, precarity, capitalism, the lot. Essentially anti-Macron. So yesterday a couple of hundred people marched from the Place de la Bourse up to the cathedral square to commemorate the protests. There was no violence as far as I know.

France, where you get to keep your the ultra-sound examination of your healthy heart

Yesterday was the généraliste. Today was the cardiologue. "Your heart-rate is a little fast. Are you anxious about anything?" "Um, I'm at the cardiologist's surgery..." Some scans later... "Your heart's fine". We discussed dictation into the iPad.  "It's excellent. I do it with my phone, too. Arrange a stress-test for next year." Thank you doctor.