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Daveys in Britain 2019

We made a quick trip to the UK, flying into Bristol and then visiting places like Swansea, Leicester, Chippenham and Darlington. Part of the goal was to spend some quality time with our sending church in North Wales. We've now been away fourteen years so we needed to get to know some new folk as well as to renew more established relationships. Otherwise it was mainly the pretty standard Daveys in Britain experience - motorways and different towns galore - but we were also able to sneak off for a couple of afternoons. One we spent walking the Chester walls - well as far as we were able to because of maintenance work - and we got to re-explore Bath a little as well as spend a weekend with Pat's sister and a family barbecue with the Hodgson clan. We're very thankful to folk who helped in myriad ways, meeting us at the airport, giving us a bed for the night, feeding us delicious British food, loaning us a car - or rather a Ka - and ferrying us hither and yon. Another im