Further thoughts on study

This idea of doing a masters in missiology and church planting. Well. Here's where we are, in chronological order. It's the most honest...

1) Our home church expressed their "consternation" that I was planning to do "FAR too much".

I promised to limit myself to half-time.

2) Vaux said that since I don't have a B.Th. maybe I should do the masters programme but to be awarded at most a B.Th.

I don't like this idea. Vaux will decide at the end of September.

3) We have been away to the UK and met with lots of different folk, and talked with many of them.

The upshot is that I am less convinced about doing the masters. It would mean significant monetary outlay. It would mean 6 weeks away from home in Paris every year (in addition to the time I spend in deputation).

What other options are there ? Remembering that the goal is twofold - greater understanding of the French scene and improved French language.

Well one thing we explored some years ago but never had time to take up is to study as auditeur libre at the University in Bordeaux. I'll look into that.

Another option would be simply to take advantage of the various cultural and intellectual life of the city. Things like :

the café économique in Pessac,
the Forums that are held in the Athenée Municipal in Bordeaux,
the public lectures in the cinema in Pessac,
the public lectures in the various faculties, seminaries and so on in Bordeaux.

I've never had time to go to these things and MAYBE they would be more relevant to our role here than anything else...


gethin said…
Sounds like a great idea.

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