Sunny Tuesday

So Tuesday began at Villenave d'Ornon where colleague Pete/Pierre from Marseille was to be introduced to colleague Marc from Alsace, but who has been pastoring a church in Bordeaux for eight years and is well placed to reflect on the Bordeaux evangelical scene.

I got the 8am bus from Alouette and happily meandered through parts of Bordeaux I never normally see: the parks, estates and hyper-centre of Gradignan and the lesser trodden paths of lower Villenave d'Ornon.

Afterwards our conversation we hauled ourselves to our house where colleague Tim talked to Pete/Pierre about demographics while I threw together some spaghettis carbonaras.

Then Tim went off to work on his masters while I took Pete/Pierre to Cenon, we caught the tram to the Mairie de Lormont, descended the hill to the river and took the BATcub so Pete/Pierre could see a bit more of Bordeaux.

Afterwards to Maison de la Bible to see Mrs Davey, then Pete/Pierre had a hospital visit to do while I was off to meet the International Club of Bordeaux's Genial Ramblers.

I arrived and perceived the group. All women ! Eeeeekkkkk ! So I watched until they set off and I was sure no male rambler had joined the group, then fled in mild discomfort !


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