A weekend off...

So this weekend we had a weekend off. This comprised various activities :

1) Selling the car on Saturday morning

At 8h30 I got a phone call from a man who said, "I am outside your house looking at the car and I'd like to buy it". So I showered and dressed quickly and explained to him and he explained to me and we agreed on a price and he gave me a cheque saying he'd be back in the afternoon with the cash.

I texted the guy who was coming at 9h30 to tell him the car was sold, so he rang me back and told me I was dishonest to have sold the car to someone when someone else had an appointment later in the day.

"You mean you have given your address to more than one person ?"
"Of course !"

Oh well, at least I him texted him.

In the afternoon our buyer, who had a splendid name a bit like Ali Lala, but not... same kind of assonance... arrived, paid up, took the car and we went out for a celebration slap-up nosh at Flunch.

2) Eglise Evangélique Rive-Droite

The Gwilym and I zoomed off to the Rive-Droite church. Their regular worship-leader was away, as was the senior pastor, but another of their workers, Revd Chicken, was preaching.

I know the ADD comes with baggage that we don't altogether share, but at least the chaps preach, and when they've finished preaching you do have the impression that some action is required on your part.

We bumped into some friends at the service and took the tram together back into town.

3) Eglise Baptiste de Pessac

In the morning Pat was unwell - after-effects of her giant couscous at Flunch - so I trotted off alone to Eglise Baptiste de Pessac while the kids went off to Cenon.

At the Eglise Baptiste we always get a good welcome and we saw friends there, too. The messages are proceeding through James, and had reached the opening verses of Chapter 2.

Then hobble home in time to eat a quick chicken casserole before going to a Jazz Concert given at the Eglise Baptiste de Caudéran in aid of the SEL (like Tearfund) by Benjamin Comba and his seven jazz friends - professional musicians each and every one - and a specially hand-picked 15-piece choir.

The concert went off pretty well. The seven musicians were talented and good-humoured and there was a nice amount of horn-blasting.

We came home in time to catch the bulk of Tim's message on Genesis 12 and God's promise to Abraham.


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