The Book Group

So we've found that there's several ex-pat groups in Bordeaux, more than we thought, and people choose which one to go to based on various factors. This morning we shambled off to Pain et Compagnie for the ICB Book Group. The group had been pre-warned to read "The Uncommon Reader" by Alan Bennett.

Well both Pat and I have read it Some Time Ago so we didn't feel TOTALLY unprepared. The discussion was lively, good-humored and entertaining. At one point I said "it's like a sack of cats" and the lady next to me laughed. "You have that expression in your country ?" "Oh yes", she said, but she agreed that it was indeed like a sack of cats, albeit good-natured and non-agressive ones.

Will we go again ? Well they do two. One on Tuesdays in folks' homes with pot-luck lunch following. One on Fridays in Bordeaux in a café somewhere. Since Pat ain't free on Tuesdays and since it's a good way of networking we'll probably link in with the Friday group.


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