A calmer Wednesday

This morning I met up with an esteemed senior colleague in Pessac for coffee, to talk and to pray together.

After that home again, nursing my ankle. I haven't mentioned my ankle, have I ?

Some weeks ago I gave my ankle a hard pull, moving some furniture, and every time it begins to settle down (i.e. stop aching !) I run for a bus or tram or to cross the road and set it off again !

So this afternoon I did not much, but kept my ankle in the air, quietly flexing, etc...

The kids came home from school, Gwilym printing out a brochure he's had to produce, and Catrin with details of the school's educational visit to the United States.

I was thinking this afternoon how much I'd love for our kids to visit the USA.

OK. Would I love it this much - 1270€ for the trip plus 160€ for lunches, subways, etc...

That's a lot of love.


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