I will not go nuts. I will keep my cool.

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs are continuing their efforts to undermine my sanity by sending me letters from various different Assistant Officers saying various different things about my tax returns and my future need to send in tax returns.

Yesterday I replied to two of them suggesting that if they liaised and coordinated their work then they could save lots of time and also money on postage, but today I got another letter from a third.

I don't think I can do anything to help them. It's obviously crazy to have three people, all Assistant Officers, looking at my files and writing me letters. There may even be more.

But it's their problem, not mine. I am not going to reply to them all. I shall wait and maybe at Christmas send one letter with each person's name on it.

It might even start a trend.


Emmanuel said…
Time to (re)-read Kafka's "the trial" or possibly "the castle" or both.
Alan said…

But hey, I can sympathise with folk who grumble about l'administration française... and I can say, c'est pareil chez nous, c'est pareil chez nous...

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