Pérès, we have a problem

so the lad was in town at the FACfilles'flat for apéro and fun night with some of the new students.

At 10h15 a text message. "Pérès, the next bus home is at 10h50".

I checked. He was right. It is at this point that you think, "At least we don't have a car so I can't drive an hour into town and back to get him..." (is that evil ?)

The website had no other routes to suggest.

But then... "You could get the tram to Pessac Center then get a vCub bike to Carrefour".

A little later, "Just getting bike".

I checked the vCub website. "There's 8 spaces at Carrefour. Make sure the it beeps when you put the bike in the rack."

We got him home. We got him home.


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