Caudéran Baptist Church

Our peregrinations took us this Sunday to Caudéran Baptist Church, where we could not have had a warmer welcome because our friend Collette was there. This is the lady who became a Christian the first weekend we arrived in France (not through us, I hasten to add). We were smothered in hugs and kisses. Other people were warm and friendly, too.

I suppose there were perhaps 50 - 60 folk present, though I am HOPELESS at counting people. The first 1/2 hour of the service was planned and conducted by the pastor's children and took the form of readings, reflections and songs of response.

Then my friend Micaël preached from Mark 7 about the challenges of descent from the mountain to the valley and our need for prayer and faith.

Songs included "Blessed be the name of the Lord" (in French one verse went Honorons le nom du Seigneur, which is very good for your nasal vowels). Toi qui disposes,  Sur le chemin va sans peur,  "Jesus, be the centre" and many others. I suppose we sang about 9 songs in total. Accompaniment included flute, guitar, violin, trumpet and piano in various combinations and at various times.

Getting to and from the church was easier than I thought as bus 3 - a SUPERLINE (Liane+) goes nearby.


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