Sunday showers

It was EMPTYING down so I looked for the church that's easiest to get to - and found that it's the Eglise Libre de Pessac.

The Eglise Libre has its origins in a sort of disruption in 1848 and was constituted in 1849. Readers will perhaps have heard of Frederic Monod, one of the early leaders.

In Bordeaux the Eglise Libre had a building in the centre of the city but decided to relocate to the suburbs and established itself in Pessac. Over the past few years their temporary building has been replaced with a more permanent structure which is well suited to the needs of the church. There's parking, a modern hall, kitchens, ancillary rooms, etc. It's not far from the university campus and within a reasonable walk of the tram line.

We took bus 44 from the flats at the end of our road to a stop not far from the church and arrived just after the start (bus schedules, you understand) We weren't the last to arrive.

By the end of the service there must have been about a hundred folk present. The service was structured round two readings with reflections thereon, prayers and songs, then the pastor's sermon and prayer, then the Lord's Supper, notices, benediction, etc...

We sang : Nous voici Seigneur (We are here to praise you), Comme un souffle fragile, Sonne la trompette, and perhaps two or three others... accompanied by flute, violin, guitar, piano and, I think, bongos.

The sermon was on Luke 14:25-35 and talked about the need in the disciples life for rupture and  reflexion.


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