Strange fire

Years ago John Macarthur's books on the Charismatic Movement were straight-talking and strong ! While I agreed with the substance of what he said, I used to find the manner strident and hard.

That was then, this is now.

Since the reformed resurgence, Sovereign Grace, Piper, Driscoll, Dever, deYoung et al we have realised (?) that the charismatic issue is a non-issue and should not even be discussed. In some conferences  there'll be times of improvised songs, rounds of applause and stuff, in others there won't. Hey, some of us are funky and some are not. Some of us got rhythm and some ain't. What of it ?

But I was always thinking, "yeah, but there's this like, great big animal in the room and he has a trunk and stuff and everyone is pretending it's not there..."

Well maybe John Macarthur and I have more in common than I thought.

His new book, "Strange Fire" comes out soon, and MAY put the cat among the pigeons...

Or maybe we'll all go "SHUT UP ABOUT THE EL...PH....NT !"


Martin said…
Having had a very close encounter with the Charismatic Movement in the late '60s followed by an introduction to Reformed Theology it seems to me that the Charismatic Movement has much in common with the Downgrade Controversy of Spurgeon's time.

I don't see the Charismatic churches having anything that we should desire. They are merely weakening those seeking to be close to the Bible.

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