Have I been in France too long ?

While in Auchan the other day I was taking the escalator to the middle floor and it went passed the apéritif aisle.

It always has.

But never before did I notice the effect it had on me this time. I craved,  I LUSTED for Lillet.

Lillet is a popular apéritif in Bordeaux. It's kind of like Sherry or Port, a mix of wine and other stuff - in this case "fruit liqueurs".

The type of fruit is unspecified. I suspect, like with mixed fruit jam, that it's turnip and rhubarb. Anyway, the result is a sweet, syrupy liquid that puts you in the mood to eat.

Or so the theory goes.

Of course I didn't buy any. That stuff is not cheap !

So picture my surprise when we went to the flat warming of a friend and there in the midst of the table was a bottle of ... Lillet.

Well that's that craving sorted for perhaps a year at least...


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