Sunday Saga

So we decided to visit the biggest evangelical church in Bordeaux, the ADD République, and to go for the 9h30 service. Easy-peasy. Bus 4 to Palais de Justice, then 16 to Barrière Judaique.

The children were catching the same bus 4, but changing for tram A at Hotel de Police to go to Cenon.

Well we were proceeding in a southerly direction when this little car came zooming up, pulled in front of the bus and rammed on the anchors. A young man got out and hammered on the door of the bus. The driver had no choice but to open the door whereupon a tall young man in his 20s was revealed, carrying a rucsac and complaining that the driver had not stopped to pick him up. His mother had been driving the car and she appeared protesting loudly on the same theme.

"Il suffit de lever la main" All you have to do is stick yer 'and up...

The young man and his mother seemed either to feel that this was unnecessary because he had been clasping his bus card, or that he had indeed stuck 'is 'and up. It was unclear to me which of these two points was dominant in the argument.

However they felt that these were important points that warranted full and frank discussion, following which the lady consented to move her car, put jer son back in it and drove to the station.

We missed our connection, as did the two African-French ladies who were, I was sure, going to the same place as us.

Vous alliez à l'église de la république ?

Oui, on attendra le culte à 11h30. Le Seigneur a des bénédictions pour nous plus tard peut-être.

We decided to walk to Gambetta and take bus 1, which would get us to the service about 15 minutes late.

This we did and so we missed about 1/2 of the temps de louange.

To return it was bus 9 (in 20 minutes) then bus 4 (in 20 minutes)

By this time it was hot, so rather than sit and cook at bus stops we decided to walk through the shade to the most appropriate stop, happily drinking our water and eating our pains au raisins.


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