MacBook Air

OK. It's done.

After more than 20 years of wishing to use a Mac, and every time I changed my computer opting for a PC because it was so much cheaper, I've bought a MacBook Air.

Of course, there were steps on the way. Firstly the iPhone 3gs, now being used by Gwilym. Then the iPad, which i bought refurbished, and which has done sterling service as a PowerPoint machine and the only computer I ever take on my travels - my PC "laptop" being so big and heavy it would crush your kneecaps.

But now the deed it done, the step is taken, I have signed up and gone all appley-eyed...

Takes some getting used to, I can tell you ! But the BATTERY-LIFE ! And the PORTABILITY !

(Special thanks to the Chinese group, whose generous gift contributed greatly.)


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