A quick report on the weekend

Saturday was a calm, quiet day, but VERY HOT.

Sunday morning found us at Cenon for the kids' profession of faith. They basically gave their testimony during the service, having chosen favourite readings and songs, too.

Catrin was Psalm 5 and "Shine, Jesus, shine"

Gwilym was Revelation 21 and "Hosanna" (Hillsong)

Here's a couple of photos.

It was the first service during our sabbatical, so we didn't lift a finger (except to welcome some folk who arrived while everyone was distracted lifting their fingers...) !

Tim preached - his first sermon in French, and he nailed it, as they say. Bit of work remains to be done on ou's and u's and stuff, but who doesn't have things like that !

In the evening for the English Service the usual preach was replaced with those videos with Peter Woodcock - Tales of the Unexpected... The discussion is a bit laboured with second-language English-speakers... Will have to think a bit before next week. We were thrilled to once more have a Muslim lad present with us.

Today will be very hot. I have a doctor's appointment at 5:30 at which I hope he will declare me fit enough to enrol for the masters programme that I want to do. Seriously, I need a medical certificate to be able to enrol.


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