Good teamwork

So we had a car booked from 9 till 11:30 to clear the garden rubbish and get rid of an old, dead 19" cathode-ray monitor, then to get paper, paste and brushes to do the kitchen walls.

So 8:40 found me at the bus stop along with two other intrepid voyagers.


9:02 finally the bus came (there's a bus every ten minutes, in theory...)

So I got the car at 9:20. OK...

Back home. All hands on deck to load up the car. Monitor. Garden rubbish.

Catrin rode shotgun. We went to the dump. Garden rubbish unloaded. They no longer take monitors. Ah !

To the DIY shop. We found the paper. One roll should do. Paste. The chap was helpful. All was got.

Home, with monitor and DIY stuff. Hoover car.

11am back to Pessac with the car. I have time to fill it with diesel ! 11:20 the car is returned.

Result !


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