Woohoo ! New wheelie bins !

Some time ago I remarked that our black wheelie bin seemed to have lost it's wheels, becoming instead a draggie bin, or perhaps more simply, a bin.

There then followed a period of uncertainty where the bin with wheels sometimes came to our house and the bin without wheels went to our neighbour's - or vice versa... This period came to an end when Pat examined the bins closely and became convinced that the wheel-less bin was indeed ours.

On Monday she phoned the Bin Authorities - the number was printed on the bin - and left a message. Yesterday they phoned back and asked what condition our green bin was in, too. Well it was OK, though the hinge of the lid was broken.

"Leave them both on the pavement and the firm will pass by some time this week."

They came this morning and exchanged both our bins. I thought, "OK I'll write our number on them", but it's already done.

Quelle efficacité, non !


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