Book review - Eternity changes everything, by Stephen Witmer

Subtitled "How to live now in the light of your future", published by the Good Book Company.

Let's get one thing out of the way for a start. I have never, ever, in all my considerably long life, heard anyone say that somebody is "Too heavenly-minded to be of any earthly use."

That got that off my chest.

Now for the book. This is a super little book. No, seriously, it's a corker. Easy to read. Short chapters. Well-enough written. Simple illustrations taken from everyday life. Depending on solid theology without the need to flash it around like a new engagement ring. It's the kind of book pastors would choose for a book of the month in church or that richer pastors would have a little stock of to give away during the morning service.

Brother Witmer's thesis is that the way we envisage the future will have a huge effect on how we view the past and on how we live in the present. He's surely right.

From that starting point he goes on to explain the Bible's view of the new creation, the prospect of eternity in the presence of God, the certainty of the Christian's hope, how assurance of salvation is grounded in confident faith in Christ, holding loosely to the things of this world, living as citizens of heaven.

Of course, on many of these subjects you could write a whole book to explore the fullness of the Bible's teaching. Of course.

But that doesn't mean that this short book is useless or even superficial. Not at all. It's helpful, serious, entertaining in the right way, encouraging.

In short, it's a good one. Buy it now. I read it in Kindle, but you need it in paper form so you can lend it out and give it away.

I was given a copy of the book in electronic format in return for writing a review. I was not required to write a positive review. The views expressed are my own.


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