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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Joined-up thinking... As in lack thereof...

Either that or I am missing something.

The Countries of the European Union have banned the export of certain drugs to the USA because of their use in capital punishment. Michael Portillo does a documentary on methods of execution and concludes that none of the methods currently used to induce death are humane.


Meanwhile, in another room ?, the countries of the European Union are one by one legalizing euthanasia in certain circumstances, in some countries even of children.

But none of the methods currently used to induce death are humane, are they?

Or are they unreliable and inhumane when used for execution but painless, effective and dependable when used for euthanasia?

Or is it another example of propaganda - something is true because we say it is true?

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Stephen Dunning said...

That is a good thought!