A Bordeaux Sunday

In the morning we were at Cenon for the service that was focused on the work of the S.E.L., the French equivalent, more or less, of Tearfund. Pierre Vincent, the president of the Conseil Presbytéral, preached and after the service the kids went off to eat with the FAC girls and the gang of youngsters.

We went home for burgers and fried onions and to make a "magic chocolate cake" - that's one of these cakes where the batter is very runny and it divides into layers - a pastry-like bottom, a custard-like middle and a light and fluffy top. Apart from a minor panic when it became clear that 6 tablespoons of cocoa exceeds 60g by a huge margin the cake turned out OK. It all disappeared, anyway.

The evening service was focused on the return of Christ to make everything new. It was a happy time and the meal afterwards was fueled by pizza (to commemorate Pi-day, March 14) and chocolate cake (see above).

I didn't count the participants but we had folk from the Americas, from Africa, from Asia and from Europe, and I broke my embargo on sugary drinks to try a fizzy drink from Madagascar called Bon Bon Anglais. It tasted very much like American Cream Soda. Go figure.

One of our number left early in haste because she's en route to the States where her father is in his last days. The harsh realities of geography can be very difficult.


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