Cafés and stuff

We don't have any premises in Bordeaux for student work or for the international church, so when we meet up with people we meet in cafés. Here's a few of the ones we use :

This is "Les Mots Bleus" and it's my favourite for meeting up with people. The drinks are not cheap, but you can easily find a quiet corner in which to talk.

The Cheverus. The Advanced English group used to meet here. They do a coffee for 1€ and they have a huge list of home-made desserts.

Couleur café. This is where the English class meets for after-class conversation. It's stylish, chic, and pricey !

Here's where the discussion café evenings are held. It's a really nice café with weird and wonderful drinks as well as speciality coffees, and it's great for group events.

I discovered this place yesterday, right opposite the cathedral. It's called Black List and I popped in to chat to the owner. I was sad not to have any money on me or I'd have tried an espresso, but I'll go back another time. It's called Black List. Next time I go in I'll ask him why. It's not really a café for private chats. Group events could work, but he closes at 6pm.

This is the café where the Bordeaux International Club Café Reading Group meets. It's called Books and Coffee. You can see that the English language is seen as pretty chic and sophisticated in Bordeaux!


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