Baptism in the FIEC, le baptême dans l'FIEC

Sometimes people are surprised by the approach many Welsh churches and pastors take to baptism, and by the stance of the AECW, which unites "credobaptist" and paedobaptist congregations in one body.

Here are four articles on the website of the FIEC, and nationwide body, but most strongly present in England, and all four churches are English.

1. Pasteur pédobaptiste, église pédobaptiste.

2. Pasteur baptiste, église mixte, mais de confession pédobaptiste.

3. Pasteur baptiste, église mixte, mais de confession baptiste.

4. Pasteur baptiste, église baptiste.

I think one reason for this suppleness is the desire to make unity around the apostolic gospel of the cross more important than unity around sacramental practice. Another is the practical situation of many towns in the UK where there is not much evangelical witness and a reluctance, therefore, to send away people whose denominational background and convictions may not match those of the congregation.


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