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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Attention ! Arnaque !

We got Pat's mobile phone bill yesterday. She's on a 20€ plan, but the bill was for 38€. Strange!

I downloaded the detailed bill and looked. Some text messages overseas at 30c a time. OK...

Hang on - 3G TV every week for 3.99€ a week?

Do you watch TV on your phone ? No...

Time to dig on the boogie-woogie telecom website.
The FAQ revealed a question from another customer about exactly the same thing.
Apparently you can subscribe to third-party scams which are then paid through boogie-woogie.
The way to prevent them is to activate parental control on your account.

I went into the browser on Pat's phone. Lo and behold, a website that sold something or other at 3.99€ a week. "I've never seen that before!"

Via a wap site at boogie-woogie you could unsubscribe from everything.
We did that.
Then we activated parental controls.

I wonder how many people they milk like that.

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