OK. Now en français

Yesterday I finished the first draft of the report of the sabbatical with an outline of plans for future ministry.

During this process I ruled out using the excellent little software package "Scrivener". It's GREAT, but it was a case of sledgehammer and nuts. Still, at least the trial version was free !

Writing it was like pulling teeth and I am sure that I will be doing further changes before I finally send it off to all and sundry.

However, now comes the task of writing it all again, but in French. I won't, of course, translate it. I'll produce a different report that says almost exactly the same, but in French.

Translation is too difficult. Also some things I want to say in English but not in French, and some things I want to say in French but not in English.

This means that bilingual people will be specially privileged, which is only right, of course.

Oh well, off we go !

(At least I don't have to do at all a third time in Welsh !)


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