Weekend report

Poor Mrs Davey is wrestling with what she insists is a cold.

Friday, she spent much of the day in bed. Saturday she roused herself, but it did not do her a lot of good.

Sunday morning she was once again "stuck to the bed". She roused herself for the afternoon and evening.

For the morning service we broke our pattern and went to Cenon where Maurice Raetz was preaching.

In the evening, a goodly gang including some visitors from Melbourne, Australia.

We talked about the Assemblée Constitutive and the need for some names of founder members on the Statuts, etc...

We're all systems go for our Assemblée next week. Then hopefully we'll get everything set up and settled before Easter ready for our start at Dan from 4 May.

I'm thinking also of getting a plastic banner to put outside the restaurant (top priority) and a roll-up to put near the lectern (music stand) so that wherever we meet it will have a visual cue.


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