Wow ! What a marathon !

It began at 8h30 when we all left the house, well except for Gwilym who leaves at 6:45. We dropped Catrin off at school then Pat went to her meeting near the church and I went to meet with the FAC team to prepare the Passerelles study.

Passerelles is a home-grown French course for introducing the gospel, in the manner of Christianity Explored or Alpha. It has three parts : A video of a vox-pop or scene, then a video of a short Bible talk given in a kind of studio setting, then a Bible study/discussion in groups. We watched, discussed, prayed, redid all the questions and finished at about 1:30.

This was just in time for me to go home, eat a main meal and get out to the church for 3:30 to meet up with Patrick before the church council meeting. I had a nice ham salad with a baked potato and zoomed off happily, trombone in hand just in case.

The council meeting went very well. As you can imagine, we have LOTS to discuss, and we finished at 18:30. This was a pity because I was due back at the FAC flat at 18:30 to prepare the next café philo, but as we say, tant pis. It isn't easy for me to sneak out of church council meetings early at the moment because I am "acting pastor", Dik being in Holland till mid-February and actually on his way to Holland for good. We didn't manage to discuss everything we needed to, even then. Still.

So off to the FACflat for the Passerelles meeting, busily chomping on the sandwich Pat had made me. The meeting went very well, we were about 15 people. Afterwards Pierre kindly gave me a lift back to the church and I hopped in the car and got home about 11.

This morning I am hung over, and running about 2 hours behind ! However I don't think I have any meetings scheduled until this evening. It's like this in Bordeaux at the moment - you have to use the times of calm to recover from and prepare for the times of ... lack of calm.


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