Semaine Universelle de Prière - soirée deux

Last night was at the Eglise Evangélique Bordeaux République. The most numerous church in Bordeaux as far as I know, it meets in a really big building, a converted cinema just off the boulevards. I've only ever been to the church for a Mark Experience afternoon, but I have several friends who go there and I know the pastors : Patrick Berthalon and David Renault. It belongs to the Assemblées de Dieu. The speaker last night was Michaël Razzano from the Eglise Baptiste de Caudéran.

Culturally it's very different, with much more lively music, a worship leader (David), times where people sang without words and times where people prayed all at the same time. Although I don't feel any desire to change church culture, I did think that it must be great to be in a big church like that with lots of people. Parking is an issue, though...

Michaël got the best passage to speak from - Psalm 2 - and he did a good job. We talked afterwards about an ex-neighbour who has recently started attending the Caudéran church - very encouraging.


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