The big weekend - Saturday morning

The big weekend started at 10 (or thereabouts) with a BIG committee meeting uniting :

Church Presbyteral Council
Comission Générale de l'Evangélisation
Région Sud-Ouest of UNEPREF

We reviewed the life and activity of the church here with its different outreaches etc.
We talked about the building and the projects for the future.
Then we talked about the financial situation and the practicalities.

The upshot is that the suggestion is that the church pass a year without a new pastor.
At one point during the meeting it seemed likely that I would have to pull out of the student outreach completely and assume the pastoral ministry here, though as we talked together we concluded that such a step would be impossible without a call from the church here.

After the big committee meeting several church folk came to talk with everyone. We dispersed just before 5.


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