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Saturday, January 07, 2012

The washing machine is dead, long live the washing machine

For some time the washing machine has been behaving eccentrically.

Ever the trusting husband, of course I had to test it myself. 
I put it on a 32 minute wash. It took hours. 

After unbelief comes denial. Weeks of denial.

We called a repair man. He came and charged us 50€ to tell us that it would cost 280€ to fix. If we asked him to fix it the 50€ would count as a deposit.

Second cycle of denial for a couple of weeks.

This came to an end yesterday when we went to our local branch of Envie.
Envie is an association that takes second-hand appliances and reconditions them, then sells them on with a one-year guarantee. 
They had some New Old Stock Hotpoint washing machines for a very reasonable price. 1400 revs spin and 9kg load. We saw. I came home and looked for reviews and stuff on the internet. I returned and paid. They're delivering on Wednesday and taking the old washing machine away. I suppose they may recondition it or they may use it for spare parts or something...

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