A day off - with few plans !

It's good to have a quiet day off today. I have little planned. There's a meeting of the bureau of the schhol of music this evening and I have a trombone lesson this afternoon. That's all. Pat is meeting a student for lunch. Catrin and Gwilym are eating at school so I'll have lots of peace and quiet, too.

Yesterday was a marathon worthy of the crazy week that had preceded it : I was preaching am and pm and my preparation had been hurried, superficial and interrupted by events on Saturday. Still things seemed to go OK. I felt sorry for the folk in the evening as we were interrupted a bit by the arrival of the young people returning from Rodez and frankly I was not at my liveliest !

I need to tell you about what's happening in the church at the moment - it's like a fresh wind blowing through. People are praying together, speaking constructively about the future, planning together. Two weeks ago I wondered if it was possible for the church to look forward again. Two weeks later it's like a different church.

Meanwhile a chap who's been visiting a few weeks now said he'd been touched by the preaching last week when our friend Samuel was here, and this week. It's a wonderful time. There's lots to do but we have begun to do it.

Today my throat is a bit swollen and I need to take it slow and easy. Just a few phone calls and Skype calls to make.

Thanks for praying. Don't stop now !


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