On moving from iPhone to Android

Well that's over a week now that I have been on Android rather than iPhone. And so far so good.

The good.

A big screen, easy to read.
A led flash and flashlight app useful for finding your slippers in the morning
Micro-SD card slot
It reminds me to do my daily readings !
Almost all the applications I used on iPhone are available on Android (Kindle, Skype, iReal B, Biblereader, etc.)
It's great for your calendar, too - month at a glance that you can read.
Battery life is good - if you remember to switch wifi off when you leave the house !
Easy to switch wifi on and off as well as rotation.
Great for notetaking, etc.
Good camera and movie-making ability.
So much cheaper than iPhone 4S
You can buy Kindle books easily within the Kindle app.

The not so good

It's not as cool.
Gmail doesn't actually delete messages when I tell it to, it just deletes them off the phone.
It's a bit big to fit on the music stand as a tuner / metronome.


Matthew Evans said…

I've just moved further the other way, having bought a MacBook Pro to go with my iPhone, which I have never once regretted buying 18 months ago.
Alan said…
Tell me how it goes. I have a long-term project of moving to Mac one day.

I really enjoyed my iPhone 3GS which is not leaving the family - once our new sim-card comes it'll live on with Gwilym.

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