Sometimes people say nice things about my French. On Wednesday some folks said, "how long have you been in France? You don't have much of an accent!" Last night some others got onto discussing language learning and said nice things about my French again.

OK - first thing - when people say nice things about you the first thing you learn is that the people want to be nice to you. That is, their comment says as much about them as it does about you. It's right to take their remark seriously, but not TOO seriously !

Second thing - it does make me feel that all those hours in the tram practicing mouth positions and trying to be aware of the position of my tongue etc. were not totally wasted. I work hard at this language thing.

Third thing - I am an insufferable mimic. It's a nightmare sometimes. I met this Quebequois recently and heard myself adopting his nice vowels.. Aarrrggghhhhh ! Still it's good to know that this atrocious habit does have a good side...

Fourth thing - and really this is the first thing - God gives giftts and aptitudes. None of us has anything that he has not received. We use it badly. We use it well. But it's all a gift.


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