Cleaning the church

Mrs Davey organises the cleaning rota so after a fairly normal Saturday morning with the kids (what about those shoes ? what about ordering Narnia 2 ? what about pocket money ? what about us going bowling with the kids from church ?) we scuttled off to the church where Mrs Davey did the kitchen and the kids room while I did the main church room.

After dusting the benches, rearranging the furniture, getting the heating going again (who turned it off and why?) and washing the floor I measured up the windows for cheap Ikea nets. We aren't allowed to have them long-term, but the architect said "fine" to putting them in the windows short-term just to blur the view in.

Then home via Aldi to get sorted for today. I'm only preaching once today, and that's in English in the evening, but I've been organising the morning service.


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