It's difficult to know quite what to post on the blog at the moment

It's a time of planning and preparation and odds and ends :

1) Planning and preparing for the CNEF Universal Week of Prayer next week. I have to host Monday night at the church and speak on Wednesday night at (I think) Lormont.

2) Planning and preparing for the new series of messages on Philippians for the mornings in French. Starting in Acts 16 this week.

3) Planning for the months ahead when there's going to be LOTS to do ! Important meeting this afternoon at 17h30.

4) Sorting out mobile phones. Catrin was given a Blackberry phone by someone some time ago, and her sim card doesn't include Blackberry access, so I sorted that out. Gwilym has been eyeing up my phone, so I've been trying to work out how to pass my phone on to him and move to something else myself. I have an aging iPhone 3GS and I don't want to go iPhone 4 or 4S - too expensive and not enough change to warrant the cost... So that's involved some messing about with phone shops, etc. Not quite over yet.

5) A bit more sorting out to do regarding Gwilym's driving lessons - hopefully he'll be signed up next week if I can find all the documents he'll need !

6) The car is due its next service - this'll be a biggie with discs, pads, diesel filter all needing changing as well as the normal things. We also have a "roture" to replace once the front tyres are worn out. You need to change the tyres and roture at the same time because you have to do the tracking, apparently. Still. The car's running well.

7) On the possible move to Grenoble we wait to hear.

There's paper flying in all directions at present ! Still... Things will settle into their rhythm soon.


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