Hopelessly overawed

Two of our student friends invited us for a meal last night. (Poor Patricia was on ferry duty for solfège...) We met up in their studio and were treated to prunes in bacon, little sausage rolls of hotdog sausages, something else delicious that I can't remember, salad with quiche  and savoury cake of crab and salmon (extremely good !), home made mushroom soup and Fiona's banoffee pie. All home-made in a studio on a two-ring baby Belling.

We're going to do a return invitation but we have to admit to being hopelessly outclassed.


Alan said…
When we do the return invitation I shall do "Gateau de crêpes", a very impressive recipe that is in fact very easy. It's a kind of vertical lasange made of crêpes, iced with cheese sauce to look like a cake, served hot and cut in slices like a cake.

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