Soirée trois - Semaine Universelle de Prière

Last night was evening three and I was to bring the brief message before prayer. I had Romans 12:17 - 21 and Psalm 37 : 1 - 11 set as texts. And the weather was FOUL !

There was fog. Thick fog. The Latresne church is down by the river south of the city so everyone basically has to use the ring-road and then drive through the dampest, soggiest, thickest, foggiest bits of Bordeaux. There were huge tailbacks on the ring-road - apparently SEVEN cars broken down, one after the other. It's the damp. Still that was going in the other direction and with care and a few scares and slowdowns I got to the church in good time.

I wondered who else would brave the soup, but we must have been between 40 and 50 and all went off well. Marc Stefanini, who himself is Corsican (quand même !) teased me about how cold and damp it is in Wales. "Et tu dis qu'il ne fait pas froid et humide ici ?" as we waded through the car-park to our sodden cars.

The highlight for me was talking with the folks from the NEW CHURCH AT MERIGNAC ! It's a church plant from the CMA group of churches in France. Nobody has moved here, but preachers come from Limoges, Toulouse, etc... so there's always a preacher each week. I am so glad to see someone start something in Mérignac. It's a town of 50 000 people and till now the only evangelical witness has been a little Bible Study group started many years ago by a Catholic priest.


Emmanuel said…
And CMA stands for?
Alan said…
Christian Missionary Alliance - in France AECM - Alliance des Eglises Chrétiennes Missionnaires.

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