We're learning - slowly

Largely because of Mrs Davey's back problem the slow-cooker took a tumble from it's resting place on top of the fridge to the hard tiled floor below. Tiled floors are great, but they do mean that anything that falls is broken, including the earthenware crockpot of the inside of the slow-cooker.

So we started the hunt for a new, large slow-cooker. It's then you learn how expensive France is and how good Aldi is ! Aldi periodically have reasonably priced electrical goods. You have to accept the brand Quigg, but to be honest with you a slow-cooker is pretty low tech. I still think I could rig one up with a light-bulb except that they've been phased out, too. However the drawback with Aldi is that you have to need a slow-cooker when they have one in stock.

Anyway the cheapest I saw advertised was 55€ and the cheapest I saw in the flesh was over 100€ ! And this for a slow-cooker !

Amazon.co.uk to the rescue. A great big Morphy-Richards for £24. Would they deliver to France ? Only one way to find out - to try to order it. The order went through. The slow-cooker came, and it works...

One hazard of the school system in France is the sheer MASS of books the kids have to carry back and fore to school. A while ago we bought an Eastpak rucksack for Gwilym and it seems to be standing up to the load, but the backpack we bought for Catrin in the supermarket sales has sadly proved not to be up to the task.

So the hunt for a bag of quality began. Eastpak are EXPENSIVE ! However they may be cheaper than buying a new rucksack every six months...

Amazon.de to the rescue. A brightly coloured shoulder bag. Catrin approved. 24€ instead of 70€. Do they deliver to France ? Only one way to find out (see above). Yes they do ! So we expect it to arrive the middle of next week.


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