Leland Ryken of Wheaton College is currently doing a series of blogs here to encourage Christians to read and think about Albert Camus' book, l'Etranger.

You can download the book in pdf format in English or in French. (Google it.)

I am supposed to have read this book during my language year, but I didn't. I bought it, but buying a book and reading it are not exactly the same thing. So I decided to go at it, using Prof Ryken's study notes even though it means going slowly, just one (short) chapter a week. So this morning I read chapter 1 in English then in French. It's more fun in French because Camus uses picturesque words that I am not sure you can really capture in translation (for example, a man's trousers were too long and "corkscrewed" around the bottom of his legs). But the English version captures the mood well, of a man who seems aware of everything but understands nothing and is moved by nothing.


Gary Brady said…
Alan Your note prompted me to go out and buy a copy yesterday as I've never read it (I think there is one here somewhere but I can't find it). Enjoying it so far. I like his stripped down style.
Alan said…
Yes. I like his sparseness. The economy of expression reminds me of Hemingway a bit.

Read Ryken's notes and you'll feel REALLY GOOD about reading the book, too.
Emmanuel said…
I had seen these articles and thought it would be good to read along. You've convinced me and I got my copy today.

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