The weekend after

So Saturday was a quiet day of getting ready for Sunday after the Colloque. AM I was in Anglade. There's a photo somewhere. PM in the English service.

It was good to meet a new couple who seem to be settling with us in Anglade. The group there is small, but on Sunday half of them were under 30. In the evening almost everyone was late, so we started late ! The fun of public transport. It was good to spend an evening service together, though, message from Romans 16 and some discussion of the things we learn from the different people Paul mentions.

Now it's school holidays (Hurrah !) so everyone had a lie-in ! Hopefully the chidlren will recharge a little ready to go back to the final term of school - for Catrin including her brevet. Her brevet blanc (mock O'level equivalent) went OK, she was much less stressed than we anticipated, and she's probably done OK.


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