School hols

Never let me think that school hols are less frantic than term-time !

It's probably the different structure, or the comparative lack of structure, but this week seems to have been just as "charging around in all directions" as ever.

Still, highlights have been :

Soirée antillaise under the auspices of FAC at the church. Our Haitian friends showed us something of the richness of the caribbean in all sorts of ways.

Café philo - again FAC - at Couleur Café - a nice time though a small gathering, possibly after the Soirée antillaise. The theme was "la conscience morale" - the conscience.

Last night Soirée contes - one of the church members is a professional story-teller and as there was no English Class Patricia and I were able to go along to the church and be present for the story telling evening.

Wednesday was also my birthday. Thanks to all for cards, greetings, best wishes etc !

In the meantime little bush-fires to control or to snuff out, months ahead to plan and preaching to prepare for the weekend.

Tonight soirée ronflements, I think.


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