Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

"There's this great seminar in Geneva", they said.

"Donald Cobb, John Piper, Don Carson, they're all there", they said.

"There's accommodation sorted out in nuclear bunkers", they said.

I thought, "Sounds fun ! and whatever it's like, it can't be worse than sleeping in a dormitory at Bala..."

Then they sent this video :


Emmanuel said…
They did mention that accommodation was in atomic bunkers if I remember well. The positive side is that if an atomic bomb falls on Geneva that week, we'll be safe.
Alan said…
Yes, we'll be safely sleeping in our blokeshelves for months, years until the nuclear winter is over.
minternational said…
That is immense, it really is. You guys need to go just to report back - you'd be such heroes; we'd all look up to you for years to come.

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