Is this what it looks like when cycles of lean years begin ?

Yesterday I paid my weekly homage to Carrefour. All went so well till I got to the fruit and vegetables.

At Asda the Fruit and Veg were right by the door. I hated that. I understand that it gives you the impression that the supermarket is full of colourful, healthy things, but it also gives you squashed tomatoes at the bottom of your trolly.

Here in Carrefour and in Géant-Casino the Fruit and Veg are at the end of the food and before the cleaning products. They're well-placed.

But not, it would seem, well-stocked.

Firstly almost no plastic bags. It meant I had to weigh my bananas free-style and stick the sticker on the bunch. I prefer that anyway. Bananas come wrapped - they don't need additional plastic.

But then I got to the tomatoes. REALLY expensive tomatoes with stalks on. Nets of Spanish tomatoes - sorry all gone. Still, there were the loose tomatoes without stalks - I found a broken bag and tied a knot in it so it had a bottom. Then a lady and I spent a few minutes of complicity as we hunted for ripe, loose tomatoes that were not yet wrinkled. A rare type.

No pre-packed peppers. And no bags, so two green peppers and one had the label stuck on.

Cucumbers - usually very prominent - were few and scrawny and cowering away for safety.

And when I got home we discovered that I had forgotten the tinned tomatoes...



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