Thursday at the colloque

Today we had the biographical address from Régis - I forgot to take his photo - and the final address from Don Carson as well as a panel discussion. I took a photo of the panel discussion but I don't want to post it until I can cut out F.

Don Carson sat next to me at dinner and we talked about all kinds of stuff - hypercalvinism and revival, the price of books in France, the putting aside of the charismatic question in the gospel alliances in the USA, the number of gospel alliances and how confusing that is for non-Americans, pastoral training and resources becoming available online, books we need to see published and then wonderful pastors we know personally who are no longer walking with Christ (please see below).

My third message was on 'abiding in Christ' and I struggled most with this message, I think because it was most important to me and most difficult to give and to hear. And when I struggle with my subject I struggle with my French too. Still, it was probably the most important of the three and probably the most useful.

There was a good attendance at the Colloque this year - over 80 people. Two reasons for this. Firstly Don Carson, whose has a nice Quebecois French. Secondly a gang of students from the Belgian Bible Institute accompanied by their fine principal, James Hély-Hutchinson.


Ken said…
Having had a discussion with Don Carson concerning matters charismatic, it was most gratifying to discover that our overall opinion on the matter corresponds. That, of course, makes him eminently worthy of listening to on the subject, so I hope you paid close attention young Alan!

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