Sunday at Blaye and Bordeaux

So in the morning we were at Blaye. There isn't a pianist at Blaye so normally we sing unaccompanied, but yesterday instead of me going alone to preach the whole family went and Gwilym and Catrin accompanied on guitar and flute. A Toi la Gloire has guitar chords in, and it all worked very well.

The message was not really a Palm Sunday message, rather I preached on the thief on the threshold of paradise. We were not a bad number - perhaps 15.

On the way back from Blaye I was SO SLEEPY on the motorway. We arrived home with not a moment to spare !

Home to await our friends Vincent and Jenna and Jenna's sister Charity, together with Luca and Maya. Luca is an adorable little lad who is growing more sensible every time I see him. After lunch of pizzas in the yard we all went to the English Service where Luca behaved impeccably, as did his sister, parents and aunt.

Usual hiccups over songs ! I really need to do that 25 selected numbers song book for next year. I made a tactical blunder this year by asking if folks wanted to help edit it... then you give folks time to reflect and respond... then it's too late to do anything ! Still... I suppose the only thing you can do when absolutely everyone comes from different church cultures is to establish your own new one.


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