Tuesday - the Colloque

Well that was a week, that was !
Easter Sunday, Maxime preaching at church and ALL THOSE PEOPLE at our place to eat. Wonderful !

Then on Tuesday off to Lyon for the Colloque Biblique Francophone where Don Carson was to give three addresses on the concept of "Son of God" in the Bible, Dr F was speaking twice about Islam, Charles Nicolas was speaking once on ministering to the sick and dying and Régis Berdoulat was giving a biographical address on the French Livingstone, François Coillard. And I would preach three times.

Lyon seems to be a major centre for Catholicism (shops full of statues of Mary, Catholic university etc.) and the Colloque was held in a huge conference centre up on a hill just outside the centre. Last year I went by train, which took 9 hours, before taking tube and bus to the ceonferece centre but this year Easyjet came to the rescue and I got to Lyon by 9 am. Which meant I had some hours to kill before going to the conference centre for 3.

So I browsed in bookshops and music shops, then hunted to find somewhere to eat lunch for under 20€ (NOT EASY) and ended up chatting to the people sat next to me while eating chicken and noodles in a pizzeria.

Found the conference centre with no greater trouble than my shoes, which were not really made for walking, brief nap, dinner, then gave my first message, from Ephesians 1 about being chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world. Off to bed to sleep better than I have for weeks !


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