Friday, Colloque then home

Friday morning brought the last of F's and of Charles Nicolas' addresses. One of the amazing things about the Colloque is how the different addresses dovetailed. After a super lunch and prolonged farewells Charles and I took the bus to the centre of town. Charles lives in a small town where you can drive everywhere and park easily so he never takes the bus. I told him I practically live in the buses and trams of Bordeaux. It also means I don't get nauseous from the bouncing around...

I had a few hours to kill before my flight so I went to see what Starbucks in France is like. Then off to the Airport and a nice flight home, chatting to an agnostic from a Muslim background who often passes the church. I told him next time he must come in for a coffee, but I doubt if we'll meet again. We'll see.


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