Wednesday is sometimes quite a full day

In the morning we were busy preparing the Passerelles evangelistic Bible study. After that I ate my lunch and then scuttled off to the church.

Before the prayer meeting on Tuesday I'd put up some net curtains I got from Ikea to give a bit more privacy in the business end of the church and I hoped to cut them to length. They're non-fray so hopefully all I needed was a good pair of scissors - I could cut along the weave.

However when I got there I found that the plaster-board man was busy working, that the curtains didn't have the kind of weave you can cut along, and that we needed to ensure the sound system would work OK for the film night that night.

So I checked the speakers again with the microphone. Fine, both working. Then with music from my phone. Ah ! problem, only the one channel was working. A bit of jiggery pokery followed trying this socket and that, this setting and that. Then I wondered if the cable was caput. A hunt revealed three more cables, two short and one long, and they worked fine. So after binning the original cable I declared the sound system sound and scuttled off to the Passerelles evening, calling at McDonalds en route for a chicken and salad McWrap...

The evening went well, a capacity crowd once more.


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